5 Self Defense Tools

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Traditionally when we talk about self-defense tools, the first item that will pop into your head is a gun.  Whereas guns are the most effective tool, there are some people who aren’t comfortable using them, so we will be covering other items that can be used to protect ourselves as well.  Hopefully, you won’t ever be in a situation to have to use these tools, but it’s always good to be prepared.

  1. Stun gun– Any stun gun that can deliver 1,000,000 volts is enough to stop an attacker. Sometimes it’s hard to conceal a stun gun though, and in those cases, there is the Diablo II flashlight and stun gun combo. It’s made of aluminum, it looks like a flashlight. I only recommend this because it is concealable and doesn’t look like a weapon. The flashlight and stun gun combo cost as little as $33 but, other stun guns can cost a couple of hundred dollars, especially if you want one that can deliver the stopping power necessary to end an attack.
  2. Pepper spray– I like aggressive bear spray for self-defense because it works on people and animals. If you live in the country, aggressive bear spray is probably your best option. However, if you live in an urban or suburban area, pepper spray would be a better option. These can come on key rings and some of them even have CS tear gas with a dye to identify attackers as their actual defense mechanism. Pepper spray can be had for as little as $5 and as much as $50 for the keychain with dye.
  3. Batons– Batons have been used for self-defense for a long time.  Batons can be lethal or nonlethal depending on where you hit the assailant.  They now have stun batons which are electrified beating sticks. The price for batons ranges anywhere from 20-100 dollars.
  4. Handgun– Nothing could beat a handgun for home self-defense. While there’s some argument about which handgun is the best, the most common handgun in America is the Glock 19. It is reliable, durable, and uses 9-millimeter ammunition. It’s great for a beginner, but it does require some training to use correctly. Depending on your state it may be concealed carried. This will set you back at least $500 for a decent handgun.
  5. Rifle– We love our rifles, and the favorite is the AR-15. An AR-15 helps defend a property outside of the house but is also for hunting. An AR-15 will set you back up to $1000 or more, so it’s not a cheap self-defense tool. Some of the most popular are the Daniel Defense, and the Smith and Wesson. It’s semi-automatic, light recoil, and ergonomic. Plus, let’s just admit most of them look cool.


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