Silent Signals To Help Your Group Move Securely

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When moving over rough terrain, it’s important to be able to conversate without drawing attention to yourself. Sometimes it’s important to communicate where to go but other times it’s important to communicate dangers. In open spaces, it is also important to be able to communicate without drawing attention to yourself because there’s a higher chance of an echo and sound travels better in an open space. There are several ways to communicate without making noise but most of them are limited to the line of sight. We will briefly go over different methods of communicating without noise. All of these will be limited to what you can see to communicate.

The first method of communication is with American Sign Language. American Sign Language also known as signing, is a second language and can be used to silently communicate with one another. Sign language can be used in many different social settings and will not seem out of place on the hiking trail or in the grocery store. Learning just the American Sign Language Alphabet can help to unlock a simple communication tool, although it will take a long time to spell out all of your thoughts which will limit what can be said quickly. Becoming familiar with signing beyond the alphabet can ensure not only silent communication within your group but also inclusiveness for the hearing impaired in your group.

Morse code is another obvious candidate especially when you use it with a flashlight to send signals. Although it is silent, a flashlight and Morse code signal across distances will give away your approximate location. Another method for using Morse code that is not silent is to use it on radios which are within a 1-to-15-mile radius. The code has been around forever and is essential for signaling help in SOS. It is an international code and should readily be understood by anyone. To signal SOS with a flashlight, it would be three long flashes of light with short pauses in between. Using Morse code with a flashlight can help spread information from one mountaintop to another. It can also be used during the day to communicate with a signaling mirror.

The final way to silently use signals to help your group move is with tactical hand signals. Tactical hand signals are typically used by the military, law enforcement, and federal agents. Tactical hand signs are a type of sign language used in war or during high-stress situations where your life may be in danger. These have taken specific actions related to moving and traveling as a group. This may be the best for traveling in silence, but they will be the most limited in their use. Sign language and Morse code all have other applications besides traveling as a group and can be helpful when trying to communicate across divides. Tactical hand signals are used for a reason by those agencies that require a group to move as one and therefore are included due to the nature of group movement. It is suggested that you learn all three of these methods of silently communicating to move. While tactical hand signs will help you to identify how to move as a group, sign language can help you to pass the salt without making noise, and Morse code can help you communicate to other groups at a great distance.



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